aquamarine jewellery London aquamarine jewellery, gemstones, GIA certified diamondsaquamarine jewellery, gemstones, GIA certified diamonds
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tanzanite jewellery London

The Garden Workshop
Manufacturing & Designer Jewellers
34/35 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8DY
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The Garden Workshop
tanzanite jewellery London
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aquamarine jewellery London
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tanzanite jewellery London
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tanzanite jewellery London

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aquamarine jewellery, gemstones, GIA certified diamonds
Choose your stones and design your own jewellery!

We only use the finest stones - aqua, tourmaline, coloured sapphires, garnets, tanzanite, emerald, ruby, topaz and the world's finest GIA Certified Diamonds, direct to you.

Select a loose stone or diamond in the size and shape you desire and have your stone set in 18ct gold or platinum at The Garden Workshop, Hatton Garden, London.

We stock loose diamonds, gemstones, diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, aquamarine jewellery and rings, and sapphire, emerald, ruby, tanzanite, garnet, topaz, tourmaline, spinels and tsavorite jewellery.

Many people today buy gemstones whilst abroad and would like them made into jewellery. The creative team at The Garden Workshop have over 100 years experience between them in designing and manufacturing high quality gem set jewellery and are able to offer you the opportunity to work with them, creating a unique piece of jewellery for you.

We can also remount stones, remake old jewellery and repolish or recut old stones.

Inherited Jewellery
Many people inherit jewellery which is of great sentimental value but may not be of a style that they would wear. Most of the time the stones and metal can be reworked into a new piece of jewellery - a unique service we provide here at The Garden Workshop.