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Some Advice About Insuring Your Jewellery

You should always insure your jewellery as accidents do happen and having the knowledge that your insurance policy covers accidents and loss can put you at ease, as they can offer replacement of a lost stone or repair of a broken bracelet.

It has become common practice with most insurance companies to replace lost jewellery rather than make a payment to the insured. There are several jewellery insurance replacement companies who will direct you to a particular jeweller or replace your jewellery themselves.

With one or two exceptions, you do not have to use the jewellers you are directed to by your insurance company and you can insist that you return to the original supplying jeweller instead. You may have built up a strong relationship with the original jeweller and feel reassured that your jewellery will be faithfully recreated - the jeweller will have records of your origional piece and work to accurately reproduce it. They will want to keep you as a customer who will recommend them to friends and family.

The Jewellery Replacement Company is paid by your insurance. Your Insurance Company is their customer not you!

Jewellery Insurance from
The Garden Workshop

The Garden Workshop will provide you with a free valuation including photographs and full details when you purchase a piece of jewellery over 500.

We reccomend T H March Insurance brokers who can offer fully comprehensive and world wide insurance on jewellery bought from us -there is no excess on this policy. In the unfortunate circumstances of a claim you will be directed back to ourselves to repair or replace the jewellery. For a quote visit quote jewellers reference 'AG064T'.