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tanzanite jewellery London

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tanzanite jewellery London
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tanzanite jewellery London
Tanzanite and Tanzanite Jewellery

Tanzanite is the name given to zoisite found at Arusha, at the foot of mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.
The zoisite is heat treated and different stones produce a range of colours, from deep blue to purple and lilac.
The colour is permanent and will not fade.
Arusha is the only commercial source in the world for this beautiful gem stone.

Tanzanite is not suitable as an engagement ring.
An engagement ring is generally going to be worn every day and Tanzanite along with pearl, opal and amethyst will show wear and tear, resulting in a loss of lustre and sparkle and disappointing the wearer.
Tanzanite is suitable for earrings neckwear and dress rings.

If it is the colour of Tanzanite that attracts you ask your jeweller for
other purple stones, i.e. Sapphire & Iolite.